The easiest way to automate and manage your Engineering 3D Assembly Models and Data

UnitCAD is a unique 3D CAD automation solution designed to provide enormous power, ease and collaboration.

UnitCAD automates the creation of assembly models by defining reusable unit components stored inside a database and controlled through parameters and formulas.

Enabling you to put your focus back to where it belongs: your design rules and data.

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Why You'll Love UnitCAD

UnitCAD turns your vanilla Inventor workstation into an automation engine. Read More..
If you can write a formula, you can automate. UnitCAD puts unmatched flexibility in your hands without writing programming code.
With UnitCAD, your design rules and data are captured into the system allowing greater knowledge retention and consistency
Automate repetitive tasks and reduce throughput times to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction
Because UnitCAD stores all its data in a database, collaboration is built-in. You can collaborate between two people sitting next to each other or teams sitting half way across the planet