Generate large assembly documentation for the shop floor and installation on field.

AssemblyDoctor allows you to generate assembly documentation:

  • List of Items with Identification Marking
  • Packing List
  • List of Blanking Plates
  • List of Hardware
  • List of Gaskets

Problem Synopsis:

  • Products often require to be assembled in shop, disassembled and then assembled on site
  • Requires manual effort to generate multiple lists that are required for various purposes like material procurement, assembly and dispatch. This often leads to:
    • Repetition of work
    • Chances of Error
    • Confusion in manufacturing / procurement in case of improper reports
    • Increased Cost and Time

AssemblyDoctor solution:

AssemblyDoctor allows creation of a top level bill of material with assembly and disassembly rules, leading to:

  • Consistent documentation with same item numbering appearing in all reports
  • Rules-driven assembly and packing material generation
  • Shipment ready packing lists with identification numbering and packing materials
  • Procurement and production ready bill of material summary reports

Rule Definition

Part Definition

AssemblyDoctor allows creation of a top level bill of material with assembly and disassembly rules, leading to:

  • Maintain standard packing parts list.
  • Built in part classes defined for
    • Gaskets – Rectangular, Round and Drawing Based
    • Orings and Washers
    • Blanking Plates
    • Plugs and Caps
    • Acrylic Sheets
    • Labels and other Packing Material

Assembly Definition

  • Define definition code and name, to be used by a top level assembly item
  • Define Rules for assembly, transport and erection in terms of a simple formula language

Excel - like Formula Language

  • Familiar Excel functions like for Engineering, information, logical, lookup, math, date and time, text and data

Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface

  • Familiar and easily navigable user interface for rule definition and execution
  • Formula Builder feature with syntax highlighting and test formula facility

Rule Types Overview

  • Parameter
    • Define a parameter and its formula
  • Child
    • Call another assembly definition into a parent definition.
    • Enables working in context of unit assembly definitions in a “building block” approach.
  • Part
    • Part Types:
      • Standard part from the parts list
      • Hardware sets
      • Disassembly part
    • Special arrangement for pipeline nuts, bolts and gaskets

Top Level Assembly Items

  • Name and Quantity
  • Quantity of sub – items (such as pipe pieces in a pipeline)
  • Case no. level
  • Case Behaviour:
    • Can be fit in the same case
    • Needs a new case for the main item and all sub items
    • Needs a new case for individual sub-items
  • Parent Assembly Item and whether Detached or Attached to the Parent
  • Assembly Definition code to use for generating assembly items


Printable Reports

  • Reports have separate columns for quantity required in assembly, transport and erection
  • List of Assembly Materials
    • Gaskets
    • Orings and Teflon Washers
    • Acrylic Sheets
  • List of Hardware
    • Sets with main element and plain washer / full nut / thin nut / spring washer
    • Summary Report with inventory item codes auto computation
  • Packing List
    • Shipment Case wise BOM
    • Each item cross linked with Identification list no.