Convert your Windows File Share to source of knowledge and information

FileMinister energizes your windows file share to allow:
  • Reduce time to retrive information
  • Organize files and add additional metadata
  • Save Searches for future retrival
  • Help clean share drive
  • Manage data efficiently
  • Reduce time to migrate files to target system
Organizations use Shared Drives to manage/ share / store lot of data over period of time. This data puts forth lot of challenges in Managing information and data.
  • Data size grows to unmanageable limits over period of time
  • Folder structure becomes disorganised
  • Lot of personal data is also dumped by evading standard checks in place
  • Non Standard file naming convention
  • Standard search is insufficient to search through the system
  • Adding new information can’t be validated easily
  • Storing additional information related to file is not possible
  • In Case of migration – filtering is difficult
  • Difficulty in clean-up as there is no easy way to find really old files

FileMinister as a solution helps index files from folder structure & allows user search using innovative search and filtering mechanism.

It gives an easy access to files stored in folder structure, which can be very difficult to search through and find relevant information quickly. This helps users to find exact information easily. Basically you get the best of both worlds - The comfort and flexibility of the Windows File System and the peace of mind from security, backups and reporting

Document Management

Topic Description
Metadata Metadata is stored for each document in SQL Server. Each document is either work-order specific or standard. Document list and data is maintained in database
Indexing Microsoft Indexing Server is used for indexing the documents. Indexing data is maintained for document properties such as file name, file creation date, modified date etc. Document contents may also be indexed as per requirement.
Storage Files are stored on a simple Windows Server with NTFS file system. This allows granular security to be applied. FileMinister works off the file system without creating its own storage elsewhere. Users work from the same location.
Retrieval Retrieval can be made from simple Windows Explorer or via FileMinister explorer. FileMinister explorer allows views of files with metadata and preview for supported file types.
Security Work Order folder structure is flexible and can be easily defined. Per-Folder security is applied upon work order creation and removed upon work order completion. This way unauthorized access and modification is prevented.
Backup Daily or Nightly (frequency modifiable) processes scan the file system using Indexing server for changes that have occurred. The changed files are then backed up onto the backup media date-wise and preserving the original folder structure. Reports of such backups are prepared and available for mailing to administrators.
Versioning The daily backup process backs up the files according to dates and hence the whole history of document is available.
Reporting The daily backup process prepares reports of changes in documents user-wise. These are emailed and can be stored for future audits if required.
Integration Since FileMinister is Windows File system based, no special client side add-ins are necessary to access the files. However the FileMinister explorer is available for viewing of metadata and file previews.


File Stores

  • Maintain servers and shares
  • Maintain backup frequency
  • Maintain work order folder structure with default permissions
    • For new work orders, FileMinister automatically creates the folder structure and applies permissions

Design Documents

  • Maintain master document list
  • Maintain document distribution codes
  • Maintain selection rules for automatic document list generation

Work Order Document List

  • Maintain document list for each customer work order
  • Assign work order folder and permissions.
    • FileMinister will identify work order for all files and folders in the work order folder
  • Assign document number to each document.
    • FileMinister will identify the file in the folders using this number.