FormulaCAD for Inventor

Define and execute FormulaCAD rules from within your Inventor environment

FormulaCAD for Inventor installs as a plug-in inside Inventor and can be invoked via the Ribbon bar. FormulaCAD has a full featured user interface inside of Inventor that can be used to define rules and execute them either in test mode or for a particular customer work order.

Define Rules

Base Components

  • Associate existing part (*.ipt) and assembly (*.iam) files with FormulaCAD components
  • Map model parameters to component local parameters
  • Entity Marker
    • Select faces and edges in Inventor model and give it a user-defined name
    • Use this name while defining constraint rules
  • Call any of the base component in a parent component with a variable quantity defined in terms of parameters

Geometrical Constraints

FormulaCAD allows action rule definition for creation of geometrical constraints in the resulting Inventor model. Following actions are available:
  • Mate, Flush, Angle
    • Mate or Flush two entities with an offset distance or angle
  • Insert
    • Apply insert aligned or opposite constraints
  • iPart Member
    • Change active member of an iPart

Execute Rules

Create Inventor Assemblies on the fly

  • Each component definition results into an Inventor Assembly
  • Nested components will result into Inventory Assembly Tree
  • Create assembly on the fly with “Test component” feature – FormulaCAD will instantaneously create assembly in the Inventor window as per defined rules

Examine the FormulaCAD run log

  • Each run generated a run log which is detailed output of what parameters were calculated and what values were obtained
  • Any error information and suggestions are also output leading to rich iterative workflow.