FormulaCAD IO

Define and execute FormulaCAD AutoCAD rules from a standalone app without AutoCAD installation

FormulaCAD IO is a standalone app that uses cloud services to execute the FormulaCAD rules. FormulaCAD has a full featured user interface inside of AutoCAD that can be used to define rules and execute them either in test mode or for a particular customer work order.

Define Rules

Base Entities

  • FormulaCAD defines all AutoCAD entities as base components that can be called in any parent component.
  • Most AutoCAD Entities are available
    • 2D Curves
      • Line, Polyline, Rectangle, etc
      • Circle, Ellipse, Arc, etc
    • 3D Entities
      • Box, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere
    • Annotations
      • Text, Multiline Text
      • Leader, TextLeader
    • Arrays
      • Rectangular
      • Polar
  • Entity definition
    • Each entity has multiple ways of definition
    • For example, Rectangle can be defined using point + length + width or point1 + point2
    • Multiple entity definition feature resembles the facility provided by Autodesk user interface
  • Existing Blocks
    • Existing blocks can be associated with a FormulaCAD component and called by geometry creation rules.

Geometry Manipulation Actions

FormulaCAD allows rule definition for manipulation of entities just as you would do it through the AutoCAD user interface.

Following actions are available:
  • Move
    • Move entities from one point to another
  • Mirror
    • Mirror entities with reference to a mirror line and keep or delete the source entities
  • Trim
    • Trim entities on the intersection points
  • Rotate
    • Rotate entities with reference to a base point and a rotation angle
  • 3D Boolean
    • Union, Subtraction

Geometry Query Functions

FormulaCAD formula language has special functions for querying the geometry model and using the data for defining further rules.

Execute Rules

Create AutoCAD geometry and BOM

  • Each component definition results into an AutoCAD block
  • Nested components will result into nested AutoCAD blocks
  • Create geometry on the fly with “Test component” feature – FormulaCAD will communicate with the Autodesk cloud services and generate geometry as per defined rules
  • Any BOM rules are also evaluated and BOM generated.

Examine the FormulaCAD run log

  • Each run generated a run log which is detailed output of what parameters were calculated and what values were obtained
  • Any error information and suggestions are also output leading to rich iterative workflow.

Cloud based Workflows

Web Application

  • Login from a standard web browser
  • Change parameters and execute components
  • View resultant geometry from within the browser

Web Services

  • FormulaCAD Web API for Parametric CAD generation from within your web apps
  • Need to pass parameter values and get geometry back as per defined rules