Pipeline Management

Keep track of the customer's mind. Act in time to achieve a quantum jump in sales.

EtomPlan helps you have a 360-degree view of customers, leads, opportunities and your salesforce. The solution enables you to have invaluable insights into customer preferences. This empowers you to develop business strategies to acquire and retain them..

You can boost sales by recording, integrating and analyzing information across pre-sales, sales and marketing segments and increase the rate of lead conversion into sales.

The CRM module integrates seamlessly with marketing, HR and finance. So, you can get complete visibility across the order-to-cash processes, identify cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities, sell and deliver services effectively.

Lead Management

Track Leads to Closure.

This feature provides you with necessary tools to register leads generated through your marketing efforts along with details such as source of lead, critical contact and address details, current setup and usage, type of lead, industry and geography information, and determine the potential of the lead. You can add remarks based on your analysis and pass the lead to the sales team for follow-ups.

  • Assess the quality of created leads and record remarks.
  • Convert the lead as a sales opportunity, and assign it to sales persons.
  • Reduce lead-to-closure cycle time.

Account Management

Never Lose Sight of the Customers and Customer Persons.

Every prospective customer is classified as an account for the sales person. This feature of the EtomPlan software helps you manage and maintain number of accounts from progress to closure, and ensure that you deliver the best of services to your customers. The feature also supports tracking of opportunities where more than one sales person or team is involved. Each and every team member can view the opportunity details and provide their feedback and comments.

  • Convert a lead into an opportunity and assign it systematically.
  • Track salesperson-wise progress.
  • Analyze the probability of sales closures.

Opportunity Management

Assess Opportunities, Closely & Thoroughly.

Each sales opportunity has different phases, right from the start, till they get converted as sales. With EtomPlan, you can capture, analyze crucial data generated during these phases, and improve the chances of each lead getting converted as perfect sales.

  • Track and analyze opportunities with ease.
  • Increase the rate of opportunity-to-lead conversion, and lead-to-sales conversion.

Campaign Management

Comprehensive Campaign Details.

View and manage comprehensive campaign details like the campaign’s objective, status, type, expected responses, cost of campaign, campaign start date and end date.

  • Add E-mail Marketing - Create target lists for your campaigns by importing prospective customers from your leads, contacts, and accounts, or quickly adding them as your target contacts.
  • Email Click Tracking - Monitor your CRM campaigns in real time to know which links were clicked by which prospect..

Task Booking

Have an Organized Sales Brigade.

The CRM software enables your sales professionals to efficiently plan their field activities, including meetings with prospects, proposal handovers, follow-ups, and demonstrations, if any, and book actual tasks performed.

  • Track and monitor your sales team's daily activity plan, end-to-end.
  • Guide your team and add value to their plans.