LMS (Learning Management System)


Build courses from scratch by using all types of media — like videos, presentations, and docs. Or reuse content you’ve already created.

Assessments engine

Build a variety of tests with options for multiple-choice, drag-and-drop matching, ordering, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions.

Surveys engine

Build surveys to gain insights into your learners and training. Send, collect and analyze responses in one spot.

Blended learning

Organize instructor-led training either offline in a physical space or online via videoconferencing.

Rich communication tools

Keep learners on track and engaged with private messages, a calendar, and discussion forums.


Access extensive reporting about everything happening in your account, with a timeline to see all system actions and a report generator to dive into the details.

User types

Clearly defined roles for Admin, Instructor and Learner, so everyone only sees what they need to see and does what they need to do.

Extensible profiles

Add custom info fields to your user profiles or courses and enrich the details you collect and report on.

Mass actions

Make administrative tasks a breeze with a variety of mass actions available across the platform.


Get the data you need with an extensive Rest-API to communicate with your learning portal.


Work on a platform big on security with secure communication channels and the ability to enforce strong passwords, add watermarks on videos, and more.

User interface

Delight users with a responsive design that fits any device and scalable visual elements that are retina-ready.

Web standards

Enjoy a stable experience with a platform built on top of the most modern web standards and technologies.


Expect a great experience from our blazing fast servers combined with Azure cloud for file and video delivery.


Offer training that’s available on any device with our native apps for iOS and Android devices.