We believe that software development is a combination of domain knowledge and programming. Hence the development team is required to get at least a basic understanding of the problem at hand. Where necessary, further investigation is done in collaboration with customer to provide solution which is required.

Offered Services

Customization and WhiteLabelling

We offer services both for extension/customization of our existing products and development of new features. Following is a sample list of domains where we have experience.

Business Management

  1. Sales, Marketing and CRM
  2. Payroll, Incentive and HRM
  3. Manufacturing Planning & Control (MPC) and Manufacturing Execution(ME)
  4. Asset management and maintenance, including IT Assets
  5. Logistics (Purchase, Inventory, Transport, Quality) Financials (GL, Taxes, Financial statements etc) with links to existing data.


  1. Learning Management
  2. College Management
  3. Non Profit Management

Cognitive and IoT

  1. Internet of Things - IoT
  2. Bluetooth Low Energy - BLE
  3. Bots


  1. CAD Application Development 2D/3D – AutoCAD and Inventor
  2. Implementation / Fine Tuning of Existing Algorithms
  3. Data Visualization (Charts,2D/3D Graphics or Otherwise)
  4. Structuring and Designing Graphical User interface for Data
  5. Miscellaneous Engineering Office Automation