Subscription Management

Lifecycle Management


Create, manage, pause, cancel, reactivate and extend subscriptions with ease. Handle upgrades and downgrades at any point in the billing cycle. Keep customers engaged with automated emails throughout the journey.

Flexible Product Catalog

Manage multiple products and plans neatly with SaasMatter Product Catalog. Each plan can have multiple currencies, billing frequencies, add-ons, and metered charges attached to it.

Automated addons

Automatically include addons with a specific plan when there's a plan activation or change. Offer the right upsell at the right time with recommended and mandatory addons.

Trial Management

Manage trials and any unexpected edge case it may throw at you. Customize trial periods, extend trials indefinitely, automate trial ending reminder emails and offer free/paid trials.

Segmented email notifications

Using SaasMatter Email Notifications, emails can be triggered for subscription, recurring payments & invoice, customer retention and self-service related events to specific segments of customers.

Backdated Subscription Actions

While handling changes to current subscriptions, your provisioning and billing systems might be out of sync. With SaasMatter, you can modify subscriptions and have the changes take effect retrospectively in your billing records. Generate backdated invoices for subscription activations and one-time purchases to maintain accuracy in your revenue reports. You can cancel a subscription as of an earlier date and account for churn in the correct month.

Discounts & Coupons

Create and track one-time, unlimited, or time-defined coupons easily, and drive more revenue. Choose between percentage and flat-fee discounts. Generate bulk coupon codes to run successful campaigns.

Customizable Billing cycles

Customize recurring billing cycles any way you want to, in addition to usual monthly and yearly cycles.


Recurring Invoices

Automate your recurring invoicing. Tailor invoices with the right share of clarity, security and compliance.

Advance Invoices

With SaasMatter custom invoices feature, plan and budget better by raising invoices a pre-set number of days in advance of the subscription renewal date.

Net D

Allow customers to review invoices and arrange for payments. Set a payment term of ‘x’ days before the payment comes through.

Chargeback Management

Automatically pull up dispute information and use the Chargeback workflows to make changes to subscriptions, the status of invoices, and issue credit notes without any manual effort.

Metered Billing

Charge customers based on their usage of your app or add overages to a base fee. All you have to do is create a subscription, specify the metered components and billing frequency, and let SaasMatter take care of the calculation and your entire workflow automation.

Multi Decimal Support

Choose the number of decimals required for your per-unit prices or product usage.

Prorated Payments

Adjust bill amounts to accomodate mid-cycle upgrades/downgrades. Reflect changes in revenue reporting instantly with accurate real-time metrics.


Send a Proforma Invoice for approval to let a potential buyer carry out their internal purchase approval processes before they commit to the purchase.

Consolidated Invoicing

Consolidate charges in a single invoice to send to a customer with multiple subscriptions. Or when the payment for all subscriptions within an organization has to go out to the person in charge of payments.

Credit notes

Offer adjustment and refundable credit notes for recurring invoices when there are chargebacks, writeoffs or a subscription change. Have a clean record for filing tax returns.

Calendar Billing

Decide which day you want to charge your customer irrespective of when they sign up. Personalize renewal dates for customers based on their requests.

Unbilled Charges

Defer the invoicing of any subscription changes in the middle of the subscription billing cycle to the next renewal.

Related Customer Organizations

Relate multiple customer organizations as one parent organization and set billing preferences within them.

Pricing Models

Choose between flat fee, per unit, tiered, volume and stairstep. Permute and combine different plans and addons to create complexly hybrid subscription pricing models.

Grandfathering Pricing

Let your existing customers be unaffected by your pricing changes. Make the changes applicable only to new customers.

Dynamic Pricing

Experiment each currency+frequency combination under a plan with different pricing models and event-based charges.

Custom Pricing

Let negotiated deals effortlessly translate into subscriptions with SaasMatter price override. Personalize offers that help customers derive utmost value for your service.

Seamless Checkout experience

SaasMatter offers a secure and frictionless checkout experience to boost your conversion rates. Go live with SaasMatter hosted checkout page or off-the-shelf checkout and start collecting both online and offline payments in minutes.

Superior customer Experience

One-time Checkout

Whether it is one-time purchases for eCommerce businesses, a non-recurring add-on, or an ad-hoc charge, SaasMatter checkout handles all one-time payment use-cases elegantly without any developer dependency.

Returning user support

Enable a quick checkout for your returning users by auto-filling information like billing, shipping address, payment methods and much more.

Consent Management

SaasMatter Consent Management gives you easy ways to capture and manage consent information from your customers.

Fraud Alerts

Flag your customers of fraudulent transactions from suspicious IP address. SaasMatter fraud detection system marks a transaction as fraudulent if a charge is not authorized by the card owner.

From Email Verification

Verify email addresses that are used to send notifications regarding subscriptions, invoices. and other automated workflows, to prevent spoofing, spams, and syntactical errors.

Dunning management

Monitor credit card declines, reduce churn and recover lost revenue with SaasMatter dunning capabilities. Minimize payment failures with smart payment retries, automatic card updater and custom dunning email notifications.

Accept instant payments ‘Pay Now’

Request payment from customers via emails with SaasMatter and get all your unpaid invoices paid instantly.

Cart abandonment recovery

Abandoned cart tracking allows you to measure how many visitors/customers leave the checkout without completing a purchase, leaving items in the cart. The cart abandonment reports are a comprehensive source for tracking lost revenue and dropped checkouts.

Reporting and Analytics

Account Summary Report

Benefit from the monthly reports that can be used for accounting purposes, including sales, discounts, bad debts, and reversals.

Revenue Recognition and Deferred Revenue reports

SaasMatter Revenue Recognition and Deferred Revenue reporting accurately simplifies complexities in accounting and finance for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Subscription Metrics

Track how your subscriptions, product catalog, and revenue, impact each other to drive your growth. Dive into the deepest granularity of your subscription metrics to make calculated decisions.

Trial Metrics

Stay on top of your trial-to-activation data with SaasMatter in-depth trial reports that lets you track new trials and conversion rate by plan, product, and many more filters.

Report Generator

Generate and export reports using key data sources from SaasMatter such as Subscriptions, Customers, Invoices, Payments, Refunds, and so much more using filters and browsers.

Customer Self Serve Portal

Subscription Management

SaasMatter Self-Serve Customer Portal allows your customers to manage their subscription upgrades / downgrades with payments. Convert trial into paid account.

Transaction History

View history of invoices and payments. Take printout of invoices.

User Management

Activate / Deactivate users in your tenant.

Groups Management

Add / Remove Groups and their users. This information can be used by publishers apps for role management.

Client Credentials

Add / Remove Apps and their permissions.


Define Attributes for each subscription and maintain values for subscription users.