Customize your SaasMatter installation to the unique needs of your environment.

Every book on accounting and commerce talks about business’ perpetual existence and uniqueness. It is the latter quality that gets emphasized so much that everything that a business needs doesn’t fit in a standard, already made software. The level of customization upto which a product can adapt practically decides its stay in the market. If a business expects everything to suit its needs, the enterprise application that helps run it all becomes no exception.

SaasMatter provides out-of-the-box customization for many of its features. SaasMatter Configuration app is devoted to the customer-specific customization allowing rapid implementation and operation while still enjoying the benefits of standard software.


Define workflows as per your requirement. Workflows are defined in terms of Status Values, Transitions, Checks and Actions. SaasMatter delivers pre-defined Check and Actions for each workflow type, which can be used in any of the transitions. Permissions can be applied to each transition, allowing fine-grained control over who can effect transition from one state to another in each workflow type. Further, some workflows can make use of auto-transitioning, where status is changed due to effect of other transactions.

Format Numbering

Define format number and revision date on the top of each formatted report as per your Quality Management system. This feature even allows you to change the title of the report as per the prevelance in your organization.

Voucher Numbering

SaasMatter generates voucher number automatically saving user from the hassle of maintaining records and having to specify the numbers manually. This feature allows you to specify the numbering style of each voucher. You can set scope as per Department, Campus, Company or Global and numbering as per Daily, Calendar Year, Financial Year or Global.


Security is the essence of any enterprise management solution and SaasMatter aims to excel in that area. Through this feature, it is possible to define very fine grained security starting from app and down to individual view, form and report level. The security can be defined in terms of groups in order to avoid changing each time a user changes roles as well as individual users in case of some special requirement. Additional checks based on Mac Address, Host IP Address, Network IP address etc can also be defined.

Often times, a user is to be allowed app access but limited to their own department, campus or division. This can be accomplished by SaasMatter feature “App User Config”, whereby such restrictions can be defined. In this mode, all views and forms will automatically limit themselves with specified filters.

Attribute Classes

SaasMatter features a powerful classification system that allows objects to be described by attribute values. The attributes are used for same group of objects, such as materials and processes. These can then be used to list and search those objects. You can define what attributes are needed by each object type. These attributes can then be grouped together into classes and can then be assigned to object types. For each attribute, we can also define what range or list of values are permissible.