Enquiry to Cash

EtomPlan manages the complete process from enquiry to cash:

The complete flow actually consists of several sub flows:

  1. Enquiry to Quotation
    * Enquiry -> Engineering -> Quotation
  2. Order to Planning
    * Customer Order -> Engineering -> Production -> Planning
  3. Procure to Pay
    * Planning -> Procurement -> Receipt -> Payment
  4. Order to Cash
    * Planning -> Production -> Dispatch -> Cash

EtomPlan is an integrated system. Hence one voucher entry may lead to multiple automatic entries in the background. Accounting system is always balanced and clearing accounts are used to ensure that no reconciliation entries are required on month end or period end.

The accounting voucher can be manually created, in which case it is called a journal voucher. In most cases, it would be created automatically through other parts of the system. This is illustrated in the graphic below: