Sales Management

Ensure the Longevity of Your Business by Keeping Your Sales Function Healthy.

EtomPlan Sales and Transport gives you the power to streamline and automate the complete sales and distribution function of your business. The solution helps you manage global business with ease, with multi-currency features.

EtomPlan supports a highly distributed sales functionality and geographically or functionally spread sales setup in terms of ordering, shipping, invoicing and receiving locations.

The sales management solution integrates seamlessly with inventory, marketing, production and finance. So, you can get complete visibility across the order-to-cash processes, identify cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities, sell and deliver services effectively, accelerate cash collections, and develop a customer-centric business strategy.

Enquiry Management

Ensure Effective Enquiry Management-Gain Trust of the Prospective customer.

EtomPlan Enquiry Management supports tracking of customer contacts, from the opportunity generation stage to engaging effectively with the prospect to ensure a long lasting relationship. The solution helps you analyze the status of your enquiries, the health of your pipeline and ensure that you are able to grab the right opportunities at the right time.

  • Effectively set controls and track opportunity management activities, end-to-end, to enhance customer acquisition.

Order Management

Ensure Customer Delight.

EtomPlan Order Management supports the sale order management process end-to-end. The solution enables you to raise orders including quotation-based orders, direct orders and consignment orders. You can also track pending shipments, shipments made for the day, and those that missed the delivery date. You can record the advance collected, if any, and raise a customer advance, if necessary. The Order Management solution helps you support centralized and decentralized shipping. You can also maintain other key information such as letter of credit (LC) details, shipment preferences, and inspection details. The solution enables you to track your daily sales, product movement, sales positions, and every sales person’s effectiveness. At the same time, you can also obtain detailed real-time information on customers’ credit worthiness, pending dispatches, shipments and invoices made.

  • Manage and service low- as well as high-volume orders with ease and accuracy.
  • Track all pending shipments and service orders without a miss.
  • Record payment status for all orders with precision.

Shipment Operations

Impress the Customer with the Efficacy of Your Order Shipment Process.

EtomPlan Shipping enables you to accomplish the various tasks associated with outbound material, beginning with planning for shipments and culminating in the delivery of goods at the customer premises. You can have a centralized control of all shipping operations and prioritize customer orders. The intuitively designed Pack slip interface allows you to carry out multiple operations with ease.

  • Establish a centralized control over all shipping operations.
  • Prioritize customer orders and plan meticulously for their shipment, from your docks to your customer’s.
  • Create pack slip, allocate & issue materials from inventory and ship material to the customer using a simple interface with minimum data entry.

After-Sales Service

Make Sure Your Customer Stays Loyal.

The EtomPlan After-Sales Service helps you effectively address the after-sales service requirements of your customers by providing adequate tools and methodologies for handling customer complaints, replacing faulty products, carrying out annual maintenance and more.

  • Establish a lasting relationship with your customers and ensure they stay smiling.
  • Address customer complaints and grievances, timely and sensitively.

Engineering Integration

Capture comprehensive product attributes

EtomPlan features complete data capture to enable integration between Sales and Engineering for Enquiry-to-Quotation and Order-To-Production processes.

  • Enable your departments to collaborate effectively by capturing information required to generate costing BOM and data sheets
  • Save time and effort in servicing your customers by generating timely and accurate quotations
  • Establish a transparent flow of information for production items