Monitoring and Incentive

Launch an Automation Revolution in Your Manufacturing Business.

EtomPlan Production helps you to manufacture cost-effectively, without compromising on quality and quantity. With this product, you can track, analyze, and control the plan that was released to the shop floor using Planning module.

EtomPlan Production seamlessly integrates with Inventory, Planning, Quality, HR and accounts, giving you overall visibility to make timely and sound decisions. You can benefit from a flexible and comprehensive execution system regardless of whether you are a single plant, multi-plant, multi-geography or multi-company enterprise.

EtomPlan Production supports complex make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order and configure-to-order requirements for key verticals including auto components, industrial products & machinery, consumer products, hi-tech and precision engineering.

Production Execution

Open a Window into the Shop Floor.

EtomPlan Production offers a comprehensive production reporting and control capability. You can monitor progress on a real-time basis and report production milestones using well-designed interfaces. Planning and tracking is done on the Production Lot, which is the base planning unit.

Tight Inventory Integration means that you can record data in multiple dimensions - items, consumables and labor. The system also allows you to record and track the accepted, rejected and scrap quantities of primary items, co-products and by-products. You can configure back-flush information to suit your environment.

Integrated Quality Management helps you achieve and maintain high quality of your products. The product can be integrated with real time data collection systems to ensure error free and faster data collection.

  • Gain a 360-degree view of the shop floor and monitor progress in real-time.
  • Establish an effective flow of communication with the shop floor personnel for effective and efficient manufacturing.
  • Record data on multiple dimensions, like items, resources and labor, and report manufacturing milestones.

Workforce Incentive Administration

Nurture and Reward workforce productivity.

EtomPlan Production enables comprehensive Incentive administration. The reporting interface enables tracking of lot progress and does so in an integrated fashion such that recording of labour contribution lot-wise and process-wise is done at the same time. Combined with the baseline incentive data generated in the Engineering module, system generates net productivity gain (or loss) on lot, process, shop and worker level. This can then be summed up on monthly basis and converted into payables via integration with the Payroll module.

The nature of processes varies widely and contribution recording of workers has to be different for different types of processes. Accordingly, this feature consists of the following incentive types:

  • Individual Contribution

    These type of processes are basically accomplished by individual workers or a group of individual workers. Under this type, EtomPlan forms groups according to unique group of workers for each work. Total productivity gain is then distributed according to the number of hours put in by each worker to arrive at net payable.

  • Grouped Contribution These type of processes are accomplished by crews in a shop. Each crew can be given a crew number and then EtomPlan groups would be formed over this crew number. The total productivity would be calculated for the crew and then distributed according to the number of hours put in by each worker working for the crew. The system takes into account that crews are not fixed but change on day to day basis according to needs of the shop floor.

  • Overall Contribution

    These type of processes are accomplished by the shop as a whole and singling out workers or crews is difficult or often impossible. The total productivity would be calculated for the whole shop and then distributed according to the number of hours put in by each worker working for the shop.

Machines and Materials

Keep the shop floor communication going.

The shop floor is an hustling place. It needs to communicate regarding its material requirements and undertake first class machine maintenance to keep the production going. EtomPlan Production has following features to support this endeavour:

  • Material Indents The shop floor communicates its material requirement to Stores through material indents. These indents can be used by the Inventory module to generate Goods Issue Material Voucher subject to the availability of the materials. In case the material is not available, the indent is kept in a pending state and is listed to enable action by suitable persons.
  • Machine Maintenance Machines managed by the EtomPlan Maintenance module are available to the shop floor manager to enable reporting of breakdowns and/or preventive maintenance.