Manage and integrate your Drawing BOM with Inventory Item codes and easily generate various reports.


Inventory Item codes, Material Properties, Standard Drawings, Document List, Document wise BOM.


Consolidated Material Lists, Quality control check list, Fastener List, Gasket lists, Thickness wise parts list, automatic nesting through interface.


Define parametric items in standard drawings and use in work order document with auto material computation.


Manage and integrate your Drawing BOM with Inventory Item codes and easily generate various reports.

PowerBOM turns your drawing bill of material into source of various reports:

  • Consolidated Material Requirement for procurement
  • Quality Check Lists for Production
  • Thickness-wise Parts List for Nesting input
  • Interface with Nesting software for automatic nesting

Usually this bill of material is made inside the drawings and is static in nature. Various follow-on activities have to be done manually. PowerBOM brings this BOM to life by linking it to material metadata in terms of inventory item codes and material properties. The links to standard drawings are also properly defined to allow full navigation and linking of standard drawing BOM.

BOM Preparation

Inventory Item codes and Material Properties

  • Define Material type such as Mild Steel (MS), Aluminium, Wood etc
  • Define Coding system to indicate significance of various digits in a code
  • Define Weight Calculation information, such as density and type such as thickness based or section based.

Standard Drawings

  • Define standard drawings
  • Define BOM for every standard drawing
  • Standard drawings items can be called in other standard drawings or work order drawings.

Document List

  • Define customer work orders
  • Define document list against each work order

Prepare BOM

  • Enter material list for each document
  • Each document item can be of following type:
    * General Item
    * Inventory Linked Item
    * Choose material from various lists shown according to metadata.
    * Enter item dimensions as per chosen material.
    * Weight is calculated automatically as per material metadata and entered item dimensions. Weight reduction areas can also be entered
    * Special treatment given to hardware drawing items to allow creation of hardware sets.
    * Standard Drawing Item Reference
    * Work Order Drawing Item Reference
  • Each document can have collection items which is useful when two assemblies of similar nature but slightly different BOM have to be made.


Consolidated Lists

  • Consolidated material list giving total material requirement for each item code
  • Each item code is grouped over all documents for a given work order and all standard drawings referred therein.
  • Quality control check list with each part listed to be used during manufacturing.
  • These lists can be viewed per-document, per-document group or per customer work order.

Segregated List

  • Material Lists
    * Hardware List with use location and hardware set components.
    * Gasket lists with gasket rectangular and gasket round
  • Nesting Inputs
    * Thickness wise parts list to be used as input for nesting operation
    * Provision to upload dxf file containing part detail to be used during nesting
  • Nesting
    * Can interface with external nesting software and pass on information like dxf file and quantity
    * PowerBOM obtains nested sheet dxf, nested quantity and NC code from the interface and then generates sheet wise BOM automatically.
    * Save the nest output as a zip file ready to be sent to shop floor

Parametric Standard Drawings


  • Often parts list “pattern” is same but specific sizes keep changing
  • Such parts list can be defined in a parametric standard drawing
  • Define parameters in the drawing. Both input and calculated parameters can be defined.
  • Define drawing items in terms of the parameters.


  • Add reference to standard parametric drawing in the usual manner
  • PowerBOM will automatically generate a list of input parameters
  • Enter the input values in the generated list
  • PowerBOM will automatically compute the correct item code and specification by searching in the master material database.