Accelerate project delivery, productivity and success

EtomPlan Project Management helps you create project plans and collaborate with team members in real time. Allocate people and resources, track the project costs, and get real-time project reports and analytics.

Project Orders

Create and maintain multiple projects from multiple customers

EtomPlan project management enables you to manage project orders.

  • Manage Sales Orders and create multiple manufacturing or project orders against them
  • Enter salient technical details about each project
  • Create multiple site campus against each project
  • Enter billable supplies, services and documentation requirements
  • Assign Human Resources to site campus in Payroll module

Project Planning

Simple and Productive Tool for Gantt Charts, Task Progress and Task Grid

Gantt Charts give you a detailed visual on the progress of your tasks in comparison to what was planned. You can reschedule tasks and set dependencies right here.

An intuitive interface lets you quickly create tasks, assign and set start-end dates. A hierarchical structure consisting of milestones, task lists and tasks helps you break down projects into manageable units.

Task Progress helps in monitoring and tracking task progress. Variances from baseline are identified and managed to keep the project within scope, on time, and within budget.

View task details, including task progress, priority, predecessors, resources and more. Viewing all project and team members related details lets you have even more control on your project.

  • Quickly create tasks, assign and set start-end dates
  • View task details, including task progress, priority, predecessors, resources and more
  • Import projects from CSV format

Project Material Management

Manage end-to-end material flow.

  • Create Project specific Material Requisitions
  • Assign project campus as billing or shipping campus in purchase orders
  • Manage project inventory through material vouchers with dozens of movement codes
  • Issue to customers for sale or to sub-contractor for utilization
  • Keep track of stock held-on-trust at site
  • Create Sale Invoices against issued material and keep track of billable supplies and services

Project Accounting

Get accurate accounting information.

  • Create project or customer or area specific accounting codes
  • Manage account map information for auto posting of invoices